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Strong Woman


We Make Fitness Fun

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At Bellistic
we pride ourselves on our Programming, Coaching and our Community!
The only place to RAISE THE BAR!
Come see what sets us apart!

A Bit More About Us

A Healthier, Fitter You

Aerial Yoga & Spin Class

Strength & Stamina

MetCon & Kettlebells

Feel Good, Look Good

Personal Training & Yoga

Who We Are
Body & Mind

At Bellistic,

we will help motivate and support our clients

with a positive attitude in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

We provide our clients the opportunity to exceed

their fitness and nutrition expectations.

This is delivered through expert coaching, quality equipment, convenient scheduling, and exceptional programming.

We aim to deliver our programming that uses

everyday functional movements.

By providing a fun, safe environment,

our clients are more likely to train more often,

eat better, reach goals and have less injuries

while gaining and maintaining muscle mass.


We are insanely passionate about what we do and

we are incredibly committed to our client's goals.

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