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Bootcamp goes Bellistic!

We are bringing back afternoon Bootcamp!

You asked for it and we are coming through with the goods!

Spring is here and what better time to raise the bar with your health and fitness!

Our Bootcamps are going to be awesome....they will be totally unique!

We don't want you to ever get bored or feel like you know exactly what is coming! We promise loads of variety, plenty of intensity but most importantly, a tonne of laughs!

At Bellistic, we are all about each and every person feeling comfortable with themselves and their capabilities. We want you to feel part of the team the minute you come along.

So if you know NOW is the time for you to

message these three important words to 0428 648 741 along with your name and we will happily have you join us for free*!!

*For a limited time only

What are you waiting for? ...Get amongst it!!

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