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13 Sleeps!


13 Sleeps until we all start the furious refresh on our phones and PC's around lunchtime on Fridays to see what the fresh hell Dave Castro has hit us with in the Open WODs for 2018.

You know the feeling, you're at work and you're constantly looking at your watch, the wall clock, the time on your PC, the time on your've got CrossFit Games loaded into your browser ready to start refreshing anytime from around 11:30am.

Like HELLO!!!

You need to mentally prepare for the torture that lies ahead in around 5 - 6 hours time at the Box with the crew! How many C2B will be announced, holy sh*t man... will I hit those muscle ups tonight? Please Dave......NO MORE BURPEES!!!

You know the feeling, the feeling you love to hate and hate to love.....why do I sign up every year? Is there something wrong with me? Does anyone else suffer this mind game or is it just me? OH please, please .....PUHLEASE let me get a good judge who doesn't want to overpower my emotions with those dreaded two words....."NO REP"!!

And so it all begins!

Every week for 5 weeks...this is how your Friday will pan out!

Will I do it again next year? HELL NO!

Yeah right!!

You know exactly what is going to happen, you will live, breathe, eat and sleep CrossFit for those 5 weeks and think I can't do this to myself again... BUT head to the Regionals as either a competitor or an observer and a new surge of CrossFit love arises from the deep, dark depths of your soul......I LOVE THIS SHIT!!!!

But hey....the CrossFit Games haven't even hit and you're counting sleeps to see what the WODs will be, who is in contention to be named the Fittest Male or Female on earth, crap....will those WODs be run at my box? Why, why, why do I do this? Because I FREAKING WELL LOVE IT!!!

BTW ....what's the WOD tomorrow?? 3,2,1.... refresh!

Happy Days ahead guys and it or hate it, you know you can't live without it!

Go forth and conquer!

See you at the Box!

Coach Shazza

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